TIL Legal Speak: Episode 2: Catch Up With Sushila Ram Varma

All kinds of businesses, industries and sectors across the world have been adversely affected due this Covid-19 Pandemic and the Lockdown situation.

But the role of a lawyer in a society continues to have significance, even during this crisis period, to ensure that the aggrieved party has continued access to justice delivery system.

Thus, The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services in collaboration with Adv. Maitrayee Sanyal, brings before you the Episode 2 of TIL Legal Speak, which discusses about the legal system in the current framework.

To see the Video, please visit the link below:

Video Credits:

Speaker- Adv. Sushila Ram Varma

Moderator- Adv. Maitrayee Sanyal

Category: Legal

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