TIL Legal Fundamentals: Episode 7: Law of Injunctions

In the aftermath of #Coronavirus, there will be several contracts that will be breached. This #Episode deals with #injunctions as a preventive relief available to an #aggrieved party, to restrain the defaulting party from doing an act or omission.

The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services is a multi-city commercial and business boutique Law Firm that provides advice in different aspects of #ContractLaw and has expertise in corporate and commercial #laws.

Thus, it is our endeavor to bring before you the Seventh Episode of our #YouTube Series called ‘TIL Legal Fundamentals’ and enable contracting parties to understand the law of injunctions in India.

To see the Video on Law of Injunctions, please visit the link below:


Starring- Adv. Daliparthy Harini

Written and Edited By: Team, The Indian Lawyer & Allied Services

Category: Legal

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