As per various newspaper reports, the Supreme Court of India is said to soon have a permanent Constitutional Bench from 01-10-2019, which would comprise of 5 judges who would adjudicate matters involving a substantial question of law relating to the interpretation of the Constitution of India 1950 as amended thereof (the Constitution).

The practice that was prevalent before these amendments was that a divisional bench i.e., a bench comprising two judges, referred a matter involving a substantial question of law to the constitutional bench. The Chief Justice of India then constituted a 5-judge bench after taking into consideration factors such as pendency of cases and engagement of judges in other matters.

But soon the Supreme Court would have a permanent 5 Judge Constitutional Bench, wherein, on a rotation basis, minimum 5 judges would get an opportunity to sit and decide any matter involving a substantial question of law, as per Article 145(3) of the Constitution.

Thus, with the setting up of a permanent 5 judge Constitution Bench and five 3 Judge Benches, a total of 20 out of 34 benches would be adjudicating questions pertaining to the Constitution and other important matters. The remaining 14 judges would continue to work as a 2 Judge benches.

With this permanent Constitutional Bench, one may hope that the system adopted to rotate judges will be fair, so that the opportunity is shared equally by every judge.



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